Kaitlyn & Chad

Kaitlyn and Chad were married in the hills of Santa Barbara, CA and it was BEAUTIFUL. Originally, I wasn't planning on shooting their wedding because I was on a year-long hiatus. But after being asked several times, I couldn't resist. They promised a day full of love-beyond-measure and a location that would be a dream for any photographer. I have to admit that they were 110% right. Their day could not have been more joyous and their location could not have been more California-chic. My personal favorite details: the hand-crafted bridge and the industrial-modern doors. Chad built doors in the middle of a field! How cool is that?! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!



Kristi & David

This was one of the most special shoots i have ever done because it was for my sister! I can't even begin to express how honored I was to shoot their engagment pictures. We had a blast running around Seattle and shooting at their favorite spots. I am so proud of my sister and could not be more happy for them! 

Meghin & Josh

I took Meghin & Josh's engagement pictures in New Paltz, NY and it was one of my favorite locations of all time. I couldn't believe how beautiful the fall leaves were and how fresh the air was. Josh is one of my best friends from college and I was extremely happy to see him so in love. 

This was the first time I ever did a trade for photos. Josh made me an incredible industrial coffee table in exchange for these images and I couldn't be happier about it. The table is amazing. I hope they enjoy their pictures as much as I enjoy the table!

Juliane & Stephen

It’s taken me forever to post this wedding, but I absolutely love the way the images turned out! Juliane and Stephen were married at the Foreign Cinema in the Mission district of San Francisco. It was incredible. The venue was beautiful, the details were classy and the style was modern and clean. (Hello Burberry and Rag & Bone!) 
What I loved most about shooting this wedding is that J&S were extremely mellow and easy to work with. I was excited to shoot for them because they trusted my work and wanted to have fun with the images. (Oh and the food was delicious. J&S are foodies and I was fortunate enough to partake in the meal). 
We shot everywhere! In the hotel, on the water, at the venue, and even in a classic SF cable car. (The operator actually allowed the entire wedding party onto the idle car...a photographer’s dream). 
The shooting highlight of the day was the apartment on Osgood street where the groom got ready. Juliane’s brother (and his wife) live in an apartment that is straight out of dwell magazine. If/when I move to SF, I am determined to find a similar space. 
I couldn’t have gotten through the day without my dear friend (and shooting sidekick), Morganne. I don’t know how I ever did a wedding wihtout an assistant! She was brilliant and extremely helpful.
Enjoy the pictures.





Jackie & Mike

The location we found for Jackie and Mike was actually a very happy mistake. On our way to a pre-determined destination, we got lost and ended up finding an amazing run-down stone house with a stream running behind it. Crazy! It was absolute perfection. Mike likes to fish, so we brought along some of his gear and were lucky enough to be able to use it. The end result was awesome! Their pictures are genuine, flirtatious, easy-going, and full of love. Enjoy!

Ashley & Jimmy

Ashley & Jimmy were married on a beautiful lake in Maine. Ashley is an amazing graphic designer and created the most incredible wedding I have ever seen. From the invites, to the reception space; everything was produced with tremendous care and creativity. I loved that the theme of the wedding was astronomy. Paper stars from India were everywhere! Even the invite and the napkins were adorned with a custom star pattern that Ashley created herself. But let's not forget about Jimmy...he made that amazing name marquee sign that was hung in the reception hall. The best part of the wedding? – All of the guests stayed in cabins surrounding the lake so they partied the night away under the stars.

Kelley & Rob

I've known Kelley and Rob for a very long time and was so excited to attend and partially shoot their wedding with my friend Sophie Murdoch. The happy couple was married in LA and then had a beautiful Santa Barbara reception. It was really nice for me to be a guest at their wedding and not have to worry about being the primary photographer. I hope you enjoy their images as much as I do!

Patti & Brendan

Patti and Brendan had an incredible wedding in the Bahamas this past summer! It's taken me far too long to post these pics, but they are well worth the wait! Brendan grew up in the Bahamas (jealous!) and met Patti when he enrolled at Gordon College in Boston. I was fortunate enough to meet them both at school and even more fortunate to shoot their destination wedding!! After their wedding I was able to take a mini-vacation on a small island called Spanish Wells. Brendan has family on the island and arranged for me and my dear friends (the Johnsons) to spend a day there. Never have I been so blissfully unaware of life's stresses and chaos. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the best part of the wedding was when it started pouring at the end of the evening. Hot weather + pouring rain + dancing = one incredible reception!

Julie & Matt

Commonwealth Scarves!

Renee D'Amour is an amazing new scarf designer based in LA, CA. She has already started making quite a name for herself and I was honored to shoot her first look book images. If you are interested in purchasing a Commonwealth scarf email her at renee.damour@gmail.com.

Ash & Jamie

Ashley & Jamie were married in a quiant little town just outside of Philly. Everything about the wedding was beautiful. Ashley is a graphic designer, so naturally all her details were amazing. From the invites, to the fun seating cards placed in potted herbs, I loved the time & care she put into their big day. Ashley looked stunning in lace & Jamie looked very sharp in his dark navy J.Crew suit. I really think their images are wonderful! They are classic yet whimsical, & so full of life. Enjoy!



Angela & Adrian

Viva Mexico! For Angela & Adrian's engagement session, we took a trip across the border to shoot! Adrian's parents own an amazing orphanage there and it was very important for the couple that we shoot their engagement shots there. We had a blast with the kids and I think they really loved being models for a day; one of the kids even put on a full suit and tie! We also shot with telephone cans to represent diversity of communication...I love these shots!

Kelley & Rob

coming soon...

Ashley & Scott

Ashley & Scott were married on a beautiful island off the coast of Boston. I shot images at their wedding a while ago, but I just dug up some of their pictures from my archive. I will try to post more from the wedding if I ever get around to it!

Matt & Julie

Matt & Julie were a blast! This shoot was one the most fun shoots I have ever participated in! Both Matt & Julie are extremely athletic and I knew that if I did an engagement session with them it would have to be really active and sporatic. We ended up filling over 50 water balloons and playing baseball with them. I must admit that the images turned out better than I could have hoped for. The exploding water balloons ended up looking like floating crystals in the sky. I love these pictures!